ABLOC is carefully crafted from the best ingredients. All beers are awesome layered combinations of contrasting flavours and all are crisp and refreshing craft beers. Your favorite ‘naturally isotonic hops-based recovery drink.

ABLOC has created the ultimate beer for athletes and people who want to be and stay fit.

ABLOC Ultralight IPAis a real ‘India Pale Ale’, and a true craft beer. It’s tasty and full in flavour. But with only 1.2% it is low in alcohol and with only 13 kCal per 100 ml it is also ultra low in calories (about ¼ of a regular beer and about ½ of a regular alcohol free beer).

ABLOC Session Blonde is a light, refreshing blonde ale, created for those who want to stay sharp. As the ultimate thirst-quencher, its subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of citrusy hops and Alpine Minerals®, creating a beautifully balanced, yet delicate and highly drinkable beer with a light malty body and a crisp and clean finish. Did someone forgot to tell it that it’s only 2.8% alcohol? ABLOC Session Blonde is unfiltered and unpasteurized, rich in proteins and vitamin B.

ABLOC Pro Zero is the ultimate alcohol-free craft beer we’ve all been waiting for. Rich and refreshing, and zero alcohol.

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