Brazil Diamond – Espresso Roast


Brazilian Arabica is perfectly acclimated to the Swiss mountains. There are many 100% Arabica coffees, but this one is exceptional. Why you ask? Its blend forms a perfect trifecta with the Mundo Novo, Bourbon and Catuai varities who share notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut. The result is a smooth and creamy body to be enjoyed without limits.

SIZE: 250 g

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ROASTED FOR: espresso preparation

ORIGIN: Brazil

REGION: Minas Gerais

PRODUCER: Cooperativa Cooxupé

VARIETALS: Mondo Novo / Bourbon / Catuai


PROCESSING: pulped natural

CUPPING NOTES: cacao, hazelnut, sweet & balanced, creamy body

SIZE: 250 g

OUR PREFERRED EXTRACTION: 19 g in, 42 g out in 30 sec., water at 93.6°C

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