Ethiopia Musa Aba Lulesa – Filter Roast


Thanks to new coffee regulations in Ethiopia, by which the private producers are are no longer mandated to sell their coffee through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, we are able to offer this single farmer coffee from Musa Abalulessa.

Musa’s cherries are handpicked before being pulped in a classic pulper and wet- fermented for 10-12 hours. Beans are then dried on drying beds and stored on the farm until ready to be exported.

We’re also happy that a portion of the profit from this coffee will benefit the Girls Gotta Run Foundation which is helping to increase health and education for girls in Ethiopia.

SIZE: 250 g

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ROASTED FOR: filter preparation

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION: Agaro Town, Funtule Kebele, Goma District, Jimma Zone

PRODUCER: Musa Abalulessa


ALTITUDE: 2000 – 2150 m


CUPPING NOTES: peach, lychee, sweet black tea, acacia honey, elegant body

SIZE: 250 g

OUR PREFERRED RECIPE: in V60, 17.5 g in 250 g out with a bloom of 30 g / 30 sec., total brewing time of 2:30 min, water at 98°C

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