Dusk till Dawn Nightride


On the 16th of July we organize our third night ride under the name from Dusk Till Dawn.

To celebrate the shorter summer nights we leave at sunset and hope to be back in Ghent at sunrise after a nice ride of 180-200 km. The ride will be done in group at an average speed of 28-30km/h.

Besides a drink on departure & arrival at the cafe we provide 2 refreshments stop along the way. So bring enough food and drinks with you. Due to the nature of the route there is no support vehicle, but there is assistance in case of problems. If necessary, you can drop off an extra jacket or backpack at the start that is available during the stop.

In order for all this to be safe, it is important that you respect the following rules.

  • Good lights are mandatory. Multiple lights are recommended due to the duration of the ride. Use an extra battery pack.
  • Wear high visibility clothing. Fluo items are highly recommended.
  • Check your bike one more time to make sure it's 100% okay.

Spaces are limited. Your registration is final after payment.

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