Rwanda Cyiya Lot 5 Washed – Filter Roast


RECOMMENDED PREPARATIONS: Filter (V60, Melitta, Kalita, Machines), French Press, AeroPress

Our new fruity filter is the super juicy berry bomb that is Rwanda Cyiya Lot 5. It is produced by smallholder farmers in the hills near Lake Kivu and processed at the washing station in Murondo. In the cup, you can expect some sweet and punchy dark berries and vanilla custard.

And by the way, Cyiya is pronounced “chia” – just like the superfood seeds!

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ROASTED FOR: filter preparation

ORIGIN: Rwanda

REGION: Cyiya, Mahembe

PRODUCER: Smallholder Farmers delivering cherries to Kivubelt Washing Station

VARIETALS: Red Bourbon


PROCESSING: fully washed

CUPPING NOTES: bright & juicy blackberries, sweet vanilla custard

SIZE: 250 g

OUR PREFERRED RECIPE: in large V60, 30 g coffee (medium grind) & 500 g water (100°C); bloom with 60g water for 45” making sure all grounds are thoroughly wetted; pour up to 300g within 1’ 15” give it a gentle stir, then add the remaining 200g (and another gentle stir) for a total brew time of 2’30” – 2’45”.