Silca Titanium Straw Set


Reusable, sustainable titanium straws laser engraved with the SILCA logo and hand anodized in one of 4 different colors. Take them wherever you go! The set of straws feature one straight and one bent straw option to cater to different size cups.

Who’s it for?

The person who is sustainability and fashion-conscious and wants a cool straw with a better strength-to-weight ratio than ALL the other straws!

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Silca is always thinking about the sustainability of our products and the legacy it leaves. It’s why they still build pumps from repurposed leather of the Italian fashion industry. These straws were developed from our Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage production.

Early in the Ti Bottle Cage development process, Silca realized that they could yield 6 cages per stick of tubing from the mill but were left with roughly 1 inch of scrap tubing per cage.  By modifying the bending and using the thinnest possible cutting blades, Silca now has exactly 8.5 inch of leftover Titanium tubing for every 6 bottle cages produced.  This means that the ONLY waste from the Ti Cage production process is in the saw kerf (material turned into shavings when cutting) giving a 99.9% material utilization rate!

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Royal Purple, Blue, Gold, Aqua, Titanium, Rainbow, Oilslick