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Hors Categorie Coffee

This coffee is our second Hors Category Coffees, next to our Mooiboy coffee. Hors Category Coffee means that the coffee beans have a very high score on the specialty coffee scale. We aim to source for these coffees only beans that have a cupping score above 85 points. Another nice part is that we want to source the beans directly from the farm or coop. These two key points will give us a great coffee to roast but the farmer a great price for their excellent product. It also provides us with an continue relationship between the sources. For every Hors Category Coffee we will give you all the necessary info about the farm and the coffee.

Source Information 

Taste description

Our Superprestige coffee beans are medium roasted to leave the natural acidity in the taste palet. Due to the dry fermentation  It has a nice full body with a taste of sweet Nectarine, dark Chocolate and a twist of Vanilla that perfectly suits the Superprestige time of the year.

Best Recipe
To get the Superprestige how we intended the roast, you can follow the next steps for an espresso shot:
1. Dose 18 grams of coffee grind
2. Extraction time of 28 seconds
3. Shot weight of 42 grams

Size : 250 gram

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