Colombia Serranía del Perijá – Filter Roast


We love this filter coffee for its easy drinkability while surprising us again and again with its different layers of sweetness and fruitiness. Think of caramel and red apple first, then punchy prunes and sweet molasses!

While the flavors in the cup are its mainstay, this coffee does more. It is part of the Women’s Power Project by the Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras Plan Mil which works towards replacing illegal crops like coca and empowers women to gain ownership of their own farms. In addition to growing and selling specialty coffee, the women of the association also produce and market blackberries, plantains, bananas, pumpkins, cassava, beans, corn and yams.

ROASTED FOR: filter preparation

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Manaure Balcón del Cesar

PRODUCER: Members of Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras Plan Mil

VARIETALS: Caturra, Castillo


PROCESSING: fully washed

CUPPING NOTES: caramel, red apple, punchy prunes, molasses, medium body

SIZE: 250 g

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OUR PREFERRED EXTRACTION (AeroPress): 17g Coffee (medium grind) – 270g Water (at 100°C) – Regular Method. Bloom with 30g of water for 45sec, then add the remaining water in one go, stir gently and ‘close’ the AeroPress with the plunger to prevent water dripping through. Steep until 2min 30sec and press the coffee through in approx. 30sec.