Ethiopia Arsosala Natural – Espresso Roast


This season’s natural Ethiopian is all about strawberries and body! There is a hint of peach and some caramel base notes to round it out perfectly. Fantastic with milk (and milk alternatives) but also very tasty as a neat espresso or in the moka pot.

SIZE: 250 g

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RECOMMENDED PREPARATIONS: Espresso, Milk Drinks, Bialetti

ROASTED FOR: espresso preparation

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION: Haro Wachu, Guji

PRODUCER: 5000 Smallholder Farmers

VARIETALS: Heirlooms

ALTITUDE: 2200 – 2300 M


CUPPING NOTES: strawberry, peach, caramel, big body

SIZE: 250 g

OUR PREFERRED EXTRACTION: 19 g in, 43 g out in 28 sec., water at 93.6°C (double/two espresso using a 18g VST Basket)