Pedaleur de Flandres is the combination of two well known cycling expressions.​

Pedaleur De Charme : a rider with an elegant position on the bike, a smooth peddling style, wearing a good looking outfit. The term refers back to Hugo Koblet. He’s known for his fantastic style. Did you know he carried a wet sponge and cologne in the pockets of his yellow jerseys so he could look and smell good at the end of a stage at the Tour de France?

Flandrien : a rider with a strong will to attack, over and over again, until he reaches the finish line. Tough Flemish roads and hills in combination with bad weather will not hold him back. A true flandrien loves to ride his bike in all conditions.

Dieter : a rider who’s passionate about cycling for over 20 years. He participated in races for several years until he found his way into the cycling industry. Social media and online marketing are his other passion. His knowledge of cycling combined with a great interest in the online community make him the right person to help you with your business.

Pedaleur de Flandres brings you products and services that make sure you or your company will look nice, smooth and professional in all circumstances. Dieter tested all products we offer himself; on Flemish cobbles, on sunny bike paths in Spain and on magnificent mountain roads in Switzerland.

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