Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage – Cerakote Black


The beauty of the SICURO Titanium Bottle Cage has always been within the flexibility. We are not talking about the material itself; but how well it installs on a multitude of frames. Adding to the charm, we have been able to custom laser engrave, anodize, and now Cerakote.

Not only will this process increase the color options for titanium bottle cages, the ceramic coating adheres permanently to the titanium surface making it virtually indestructible. The coating has superior anti-abrasion quality, improving the longevity of the color, plus the exponentially increasing titanium integrity.

Same Process, Same Materials…Different Design

Each SICURO Ti cage is hand-made in the USA at our Indianapolis, IN headquarters using custom manufacturing processes and a state of the art laser welder, the first of its kind in the bicycle industry. Made from aerospace-grade titanium tubing, these cages feature unique slotted mounting eyelets which allow fore/aft adjustability on the bike.

In our quest to create the ultimate bottle cage, we found ourselves completely fascinated by the look, feel and durability of tubular titanium construction. This combination of design characteristics produces a cage that has better retention on gravel and other harsh surfaces and has proven to be the superior design when mounted on the underside of the down tube, so common in adventure riding and touring. While classic in appearance, this material and its manufacturing are as complex and high tech as it gets.

Statistical Information

  • Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing
  • Extended adjustment mounting – up to 21mm fore-aft
  • Weight – 30 grams
  • SILCA Shield Warranty included covering your cage for 25 years

Available on backorder

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